• Regia Latex Glue For Anti Slip Socks 100ml Or Latex Template

Regia Latex Glue For Anti Slip Socks 100ml Or Latex TemplateFrom the makers of Schachenmayr Regia yarns the perfect product to make your socks skid free!By applying the ABS latex, socks and slippers become anti-slip and you can create fun shapes too by applying with the template.Please note:  Socks can still be machine washed once the latex has been applied, but not tumble dried.Applying Schachenmayr Regia ABS Latex glue:Shake well before use. Ensure adequate ventilation. To ensure the glue does not go through to the upper side of the sock, cut 2 matching templates out of card the shape of the sole and insert into each sock. Mark out and paint the desired motif onto the socks with the latex glue using the stencil or free hand, applying the latex glue sparingly. Then allow the socks to dry well, use a hair dryer for quicker results. After first application, motifs may be painted over 1-2 times and after the last application allow the socks to dry well once more, preferably over night.Tips and safety advice:
  • Socks are more comfortable if the latex glue areas are kept small. Apply an additional coat for desired thickness.
  • These slipper socks can be washed and dried, as displayed on the label.
  • People with a sensitive skin or a latex allergy should not wear this product directly next to their skin, or alternately wash the respective body part well with water immediately after.
  • Keep the latex glue out of reach of children.
  • Do not put in your mouth, do not swallow.
  • If skin irritation occurs, wash affected area immediately. In the event of eye contact, wash affected area immediately and seek medical advice.

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Regia Latex Glue For Anti Slip Socks 100ml Or Latex Template

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